Spoopy Season: Casa Rara's Top Halloween Video Game Picks

Today, I did my absolute favourite activity ever: annoyingly message every single one of my coworkers and pester them for inane information while they try to get work done. 

COVID-19 has really changed the art of bugging your co-workers, and I can’t say whether it’s for better or worse. However, I can say that it has certainly changed how we celebrate my favourite holiday Halloween. Sigh. Well, In order to keep the Halloween vibe alive and kicking, I decided to ask everyone what their favourite ~spooky game~ was and share it with y’all. 

Ruben’s Pick: Penko Park

Image of Penko Park logo with some spooky creatures surrounding it.

Fresh off the press, Penko Park launched on the 23rd of October this year and immediately captured our attention with it’s adorable-meet-creepy aesthetic. This game is like Pokemon Snap: Lavender Town, as you navigate an abandoned wildlife park in pursuit of photos of the unusual creatures that live there. Ghostbutter once agains knocks us out of the park (ha!) with this perfect for Halloween adventure.

An image of some Penko Park gameplay. Tiny, cute, ghost-like figures creeping out from behind some trees.

Eliott’s Pick: Hades

Zagreus, son of Hades, stands behind the words "Hades" with a blade in hand and a smug smile.

If you haven’t heard of Supergiant Games’ roguelite hit yet, we’re going to have to ask you what rock you’ve been hiding under. Hades, according to Eliott, isn’t that scary, but it “sure is scary how addicted to it” he is. Well, if that doesn’t sell you, certainly the reimagined Greek mythos, gorgeous art, and non-stop action will capture your heart. 

Zagreus is speaking to his Dad Hades. In the text bubble it says "Greetings, Father. My ransacking was a delight, thank you for asking. So, I'll just be on my way, again."

Tali’s Pick: Luigi’s Mansion

A slack conversation between Tali and Syd. Tali says "oh luigi's mansion", Syd replies "you all picked the cutest horror games ever omfg", Tali says back "lol sorry not sorry".

Ugh, our man Luigi, perfect for every season. Whether it be the 2001 best-selling Gamecube game, or it’s most recent iteration: Luigi’s Mansion 3, this game is far too much fun, great for all ages. I feel like anyone reading this blog probably doesn’t need to be convinced further of it’s fun factor.

A picture of a frightened Luigi running away from Boo and other ghosts.

Syd’s/My Pick: Monster Prom

Monster Prom logo with a bunch of the characters in their prom outfits standing below.

I’m absolutely a fan of really creepy, goosebump giving games, but I have to say, Monster Prom by Beautiful Glitch takes the cake for my Halloween choice. The multiplayer aspect of this game makes it perfect for a COVID-19 party plan, and the dialogue is HILARIOUS. This game kept me on my toes with it’s bizarre antics, and totally in love with the amount of replay value it has.

A class photo of all the monsters of Monster Prom. Below the photo it says "Those 3 weeks were maybe the most epic and absurd weeks of our lives."

Neha’s Pick: World of Horror

A 1-bit black and white image of a lighthouse looming over the water near a city. Above it is the Japanese logo for the game.

Panstasz’s World of Horror is Junji-Ito meets Lovecraft meets 1-bit RPG. It’s spooky, it’s dynamic, and it really knows how to twist your emotions. Bringing out all the good stuff: guilt, stress, and certainly fear. It’s still in its Early Access stage, so it’s not quite a final product, but holy crap is it ever good. Support this game ASAP so we can be certain to have it’s final iteration in our hands soon.

A still from the gameplay of World of Horror.

 This was a super fun list to compile. Let us know what your fave horror/Halloween games are on twitter @CasaRaraStudio !