Steam Lessons


Check out this bad boy right here!

Whether you’ve never made a Steam Page before, or even the IDEA of Steam pages is a pure mystery to you, here’s a tiny list of lessons I learned as we built this bad boy:

Wishlisting is KEY

When you wishlist a game, you are essentially giving a game dev. a hug. Let me explain! Wishlisting helps our game get noticed by Steam, and from there, Steam gets to push our game around to all kinds of players. It’s the passive lip service you didn’t even realize you were doing. So, please, wishlist our baby!

It takes TIME.

Wow, thanks, I would have never guessed! 

No, but seriously, this job ended up being a three person task divided over two weeks where we chopped away at different portions of it daily. You’ll need to research, get GIFS, write copy, make designs, you name it! That’s also not including the week and a half we dedicated to making our trailer.

Obviously, every game is different, and the needs of your game, and the level of detail necessary to each little description varies per piece, but I would recommend setting aside some time to get your Steam page done early!


No such thing as too pretty.

It’s so, so important that the tiny image that sells your game does your game justice. You need to do the research of seeing like-minded games, or even games that you’d like to be like, and to make it work for you. Your Steam page is your single shot at showing off. Don’t be afraid to go all out with the graphics. Like, quite literally, hire Da Vinci to paint your steam capsule if need be. 

Don’t listen to me, listen to Chris.

If you’re not aware of who Chris Zukowski/How to Market A Game is, please, please, please do yourself the service of sitting down and listening to one of his GDC talks.

GDC talks aside, Chris’ excellent free Steam Course was our lifeboat throughout the process of building our Steam page. Even if business isn’t your skillset, Chris gives you amazing information in an easy-to-follow way, and makes the experience fun. I could probably write a whole newsletter about how solid Chris’ advice is, but you should hear his advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

Enjoy these great tips, and don’t…