About Us

Casa Rara’s co-founders met in 2012 at game developer Minority, where they were part of  the core team of Papo & Yo, the indie darling that captured players’ imagination on PS3 and PC. After working together on many projects, Tali and Ruben opened Casa Rara in 2016.

Mini Maker is the first original game from Casa Rara, a studio composed of video game industry veterans with more than a decade of experience on console, PC, VR and AR. The original concept came from Ruben Farrus in early 2019 when he was inspired by the popular YouTube video genre in which hobbyists paint 3D figurines from their favourite series. It aims to liberate its players from perfectionism through constrained materials, time limits, temperamental tools, and removing the undo button. 

Casa Rara is a big fan of quirky concepts, adventure and creation games, mascots, mashups, and they particularly like cookies (all sorts!).

Contact us at info@casa-rara.com for further details.