About Us

Ruben Farrus and Eliott Le Calve sit beside each other at a big table discussing, while Tali Goldstein sits on the other side focusing on her laptop.

Casa Rara Studio is a Montreal-based game developer comprised of Tali Goldstein, Ruben Farrus, and Eliott Le Calvé.

This team’s ability to create high-quality content on multiple platforms (and ship on time and on budget) has led large institutions and companies to seek Casa Rara out to develop their content. Since 2016 the studio has developed weird and wonderful VR, AR and game projects alike for clients such as the National Film Board of Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada and Urbania. Our core team has either shipped or had a pivotal role on some of the most important games produced in Canada over the last 10 years , including the Army of Two franchise, Spiritfarer, We Happy Few, Journey to the Savage Planet, Museum Of Symmetry, I Love Potatoes, Time Machine VR and Papo & Yo.


Tali Goldstein has over 15 years of experience as a producer. In her role as Minority Media's producer, she managed over 12 projects and shipped 8 of them in only 5 years, including the revolutionary Papo & Yo and VR launch pioneer Time Machine VR

In just 4 years, She has taken Casa Rara from incorporation to a well-greased development team that has delivered 8 projects to happy clients. She joined Unity in early 2020 as a Senior Developer Relations Manager (a.k.a. Technical Co-Producer) to empower game developers from all over the world in using Unity to its full capacity.

Ruben Farrus has 10 years of experience taking games from inception to worldwide launch. He learned and perfected his craft at AAA developers Electronic Arts and Eidos Montreal (as game designer on Thief) before playing a decisive creative role in establishing Minority Media's reputation with games like award-winning Papo & Yo and Spirits of Spring

Ruben was co-creative director on the National Film Board of Canada's I Love Potatoes (Best Social Game - Canadian Video Game Awards, 2015; Grand Prix - NUMIX, 2016; Best Original Interactive Production - Canadian Screen Awards, 2017) and Creative Director for Museum of Symmetry (Best VR Experience - Canadian Screen Awards, 2019, Best Interactive Fiction - NUMIX, 2019.)

Eliott Le Calvé studied game art at ISART Digital in Paris and spent his early career working in France as a concept artist, character designer, modeller, and UI artist. He joined Casa Rara in 2016, and since then has shipped projects of diverse visual styles ranging from mixed 2D and 3D in VR to comic book-style 2D on mobile and AR. He knows Unity inside-out and is a master of art integration. 
In short, his understanding of both form and functionality makes him the perfect art lead for our team.



Since 2005, Julien Barnoin has established himself as a leading game programmer. After having spent 6 years at Electronic Arts, on the multi-million dollar franchise Army of Two (I, II and III), Julien co-founded developer Minority Media in 2011, where he accumulated the roles of CTO and Lead Programmer. He was involved in all their projects, among them the award-winning Papo & Yo, Loco Motors, Spirits of Spring and Time Machine VR.

Jérôme Barnoin is a seasoned programmer with 14 years of experience in website and mobile application development. Since 2010 he has been using Unity as a development tool for a number of these applications. In 2018 he decided to do the full jump to video game development. Since then, he has worked on the network features for Chaos Jump with Minority Media.

Neha Patel is a Montreal-based composer, sound designer and arranger. She is currently working as a composer with Pamplemousse Games on their upcoming title Spleen, and with Casa Rara as audio director for Mini Maker. She is also a classically-trained pianist who enjoys performing and arranging video game music. Neha’s sensibility will be instrumental in creating the warm and fun-loving soundscape that will make Mini Maker a great cozy experience.

Syd Lazarus joins the Mini Maker team as Community Manager. Prior to working in video games, they worked for Shopify, where they have built countless stores and social media presences with merchants. They have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) focused in Film/Video Production from Ryerson University and are currently completing their MA in Creative Writing at Concordia.