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    Casa Rara

    Based in Montreal, Quebec

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    October 4, 2016


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    Museum of Symmetry


Mini Maker is the first original game from Casa Rara, a studio of games industry veterans with more than a decade of experience on console, PC, VR and AR. They dig quirky concepts, adventure and creation games, mascots, mashups, and they particularly like cookies (all sorts!). The original concept came from Ruben Farrus in early 2019 when he was inspired by the popular YouTube video genre in which hobbyists paint 3D figurines from their favourite series. It aims to liberate its players (and team!) from perfectionism through constrained materials, temperamental tools, and removing the ability to undo. It has been described as “Grotesque Lego” and “Bob Ross in 3D.” The prototype was both self-funded and financed by the Canada Media Fund (CMF). Development took 4 months and finished on January 31st.


  • You are the Mini Maker, a mighty cursor who also happens to be a world-renowned miniature creator. You show up in the world of Minis, diverse characters in need of your talents to bring their niche hobbies to life. It only gets weirder from here.
  • Glue > Dig through robot pieces, food ingredients and the occasional body parts to build your unique monstrosities.
  • Color > Paint with non-boring stationary: cool sprays and markers, multi-color ketchup bottles and quirky pattern tools to bring joy to the world.
  • WOW! > Glam up your wonky WIP into something worth sharing. Add stickers, animations and bling of all sorts.
  • 64 missions: wacky superheros, food creatures, underwater pets, impossible spaceships and more!
  • Share, react & even steal from other makers.
  • Creation is an adventure game! Keys, coins, enemies and more.


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About Casa Rara

    Casa Rara is a small, independent studio based in Montreal, Canada.